Distraction Driving

One of the causes of an accident that happens everywhere is the distracted driving. Drivers who for a moment turn their attention to changing channels in their car radio suddenly meet a car on the same lane. Or a driver that rushes to work and so take the time also to eat in his car. Just a moment of arranging the food container has led him to an accident. Or reaching for the drinks he has brought diverting his attention away from the road.

Accidents happen in just an instant without any room for avoidance. The one minute that you think has just a big impact in terms of cars speeding to reach their destination. Another distraction is when the driver talks with the passengers. They could have some fun and had a laugh but the moment the driver looks into the mirror and eyes away from the road is a moment of regret. Now, the most common distraction is the use of a cell phone even while driving.

Answering a call or sending a reply in a message or just reading the message on the phone. It causes many accidents to happen already. The driver must be always alert for pedestrians and traffic even though what they can see is a clear road. There are intersections and places where someone might just suddenly appear. That is why you should not take your eyes off the road. Make sure your hands are on the wheels and your mind is not going somewhere.

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